Corium, Brick Slip and Gebrik Cladding Injection Pointing Pontypridd

You should ensure that the pointing on your property is maintained to retain the structural integrity. We have a knowledgeable team providing expert brickwork restoration solutions for affordable rates. No matter if the CORIUM tiles, Gebrik cladding or brick slips on your residential or commercial property requires refurbishment, you can depend on us for first class services. We provide comprehensive restoration solutions and use the most up-to-date methods to achieve exceptional workmanship. With our services, you can improve the appearance, as well as the stability of your property. Contact us today to arrange a quotation or if you would like any particular information about our services.

Brick Slip Repointing

Especially if fitted outside, it is important that you arrange brick slip repointing to prevent water ingress and slips from falling off your walls. If you have brick slips fitted on the inside of your property, then it is down to your aesthetic preferences, whether you have the brick slips pointed or not. Many individuals prefer for us to not carry out pointing on slips, to create the rustic appearance of a deteriorating wall. Other homeowners like the look of but joint bricks, which does not allow for any gap, for a sleek finish. Get in touch with us to arrange a brick slip repointing service today

Corium Injection Pointing

We can perform injection pointing in between vertical and horizontal joints in CORIUM brick tile cladding. Pointing the tiles with mortar will create the look of brickwork. We can use a specialised gun with mortar that is made to secure CORIUM tiles, while ensuring a natural finish.

Close up of mortar repointing in brickwork

Gebrik Repointing

Our skilful and experienced team can repoint Gebrik brick cladding systems to the highest of standards. We can carry out pointing with a lime based mortar, produced from lime, sand and cement, for quality and durable solutions.

Contact Us To Arrange Professional Cladding Injection Pointing

Get in touch with us today to arrange CORIUM, brick slip or Gebrik cladding injection pointing.

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