Exterior Paint Removal Pontypridd

For exterior paint removal in Pontypridd and Cardiff, give our local team a call today. Whether you require our services for your home or for a commercial building, we ensure to deliver effective results. Brick or stone walls that have been painted over can be restored to their original look. This will dramatically improve the appearance of your property! It will make it look like new and the original brickwork will be in the best condition. Our service will add value to your property, as your brick or stonework will look perfect for years to come.

For more information on our services, get in touch with the team on 07588 391580 today to book a consultation and to get a free estimate.

paint peeling from brick wall

Benefits of Paint Stripping

The benefits of paint stripping, other than making your home or business look like new, includes fewer maintenance costs in the future. By stripping the paint and allowing the bricks to breathe naturally, you will preserve them further. In addition, cracks in old paintwork can allow moisture to build up which will slowly erode the bricks behind. To avoid costly repairs and brick replacements in the future, give us a call today.

Exterior Paint Removal from Brick

Do you want to know more about exterior paint removal from brick? Our process involves applying a paint remover to your walls and then cleaning everything away with a powerful pressure washer. Our safe and proven techniques ensure to get rid of all traces of paint, dirt and carbon deposits. We always deliver a high-quality finish, and our competitive prices mean that no matter your budget, we can restore your building to its original condition.

paint peeling off wall

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If you need exterior paint removal in Pontypridd and the surrounding areas, get in touch with us today to find out more.

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